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About Us


Red Camel International School aims to nurture its learners to develop 8 qualities during their journey in this institution besides reading, writing, and arithmetic. These qualities are Reflective, leadEr, knowleDgeable, Creative, communicAtor, decision Maker, belieVer, foLlower.

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Red Camel International School has both vision and expertise to augment your appreciation and study of education at the Pre K – 12 levels. We are committed to the philosophy that we are all learning, all the time. The time you stop learning is the time you stop living. As the saying of the final Messenger, so profoundly states, learning is from the Womb to the Tomb. We at Red Camel International school take the short journey some time after the Womb and let the students find their path in the highways of Life.


Red Camel International School is a learning organization that encourages the member to be proud of their identity, be the preferred centre for learning and leadership and is aware of their duties towards their Society.
“Inspire a new generation of SOLUTION PROVIDERS, who take decisions with KNOWLEDGE and CHARACTER”

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in addition to excellence in Academics and Sports.

Mission Statement

To achieve this goal, Red Camel International School intends to follow a balanced curriculum where nurturing of a child is at the epicentre. Due focus is given to ensure we inculcate both National and International Citizenship. In addition, it will create an environment through co -curricular activities and examples set by all involved, in which students will

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strive to achieve their full potential – academically and socially. Students, after graduating from the school, will have gained the necessary skills to be able to pursue further and higher education, both at Nation and abroad as well set an example by their conduct and character.