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Red CamelMeet our Flocks

Meet our Flocks

Safiyah Vaid

She is among our first students. Fearless and Articulate. Of course she loves horses and such is this young girls’ influence, now so does her

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teachers, classmates and Teachers
Learner’s Profile: Believer


A quite girl with a lovely smile. Lost in her own world most of the time, she has got tremendous potential to keep surprising her teachers.

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Learner’s Profile: Reflective


You may not notice this little tiny boy in the classroom at first. But soon you know this is a ‘giant’ of a boy, like his inspiration Prophet

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Dawood. Smart, Articulate and Talkative.
Learner’s Profile: Communicator

Yahya Rizwani

A sweet boy who is keen to learn and follow directions. And you should have seen Yahya during the parent’s day. With a fake beard and a real accent, you might have

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just mistaken him to an adult!
Learner’s Profile: Follower