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Our Programme

Activity Based Learning

Your child will learn to:

– use language
– focus is on actual conversation in English at the school
– get along with others, learn…

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– be confident
– have real heroes
– draw, paint, sing poems
– find out, explore and solve problems

The ‘Red Camel’ curriculum has been developed for Pre KG – 12 grades to ensure high quality learning standards. Our curriculum is an amalgam of the best early childhood literature along with our own ‘fun-learn’ approach to ensure a happy and healthy child. We use activity and theme based learning to provide a meaningful context for our learning.

Multiple Intelligence Theory

We intend to make children smarter the way they already are. Each one of us is gifted and each one of us has a different set of hidden talents.

Eight different intelligence have…

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different methods to teach and different individuals have different learning styles, viz visual learner, kinesthetic learner, etc.

Our teaching methodology incorporates the following elements:
– Respect for each child
– Use of “graphic languages” to help children express their ideas
– Documentation of children’s work
– The environment as the third teacher
– Projects based on children’s interests and inquires

Enquiry Based Learning

Questions are the New answers!

– Learners are encouraged at early ages to enquire
– Focus on “learning while listening”
– Challenge the Curiosity of learners with Higher Order questions
– Ability to find REAL solutions
– Learn about courage, dreams and

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– Based on observation from NATURE