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Red CamelParents: Role & Participation

Parents: Role & Participation


It is virtually impossible to achieve any of the school dreams and goals without the support of the parents. The home environment should match and reinforce the learning at school. Remember that most parents of students in an International school will not themselves studied in one. They might not even be aware of many teaching methods that their own child practices. We teach the parents that the child’s

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learning must be appreciated and encouraged. The ‘education’ of the Parents regarding their role in the Nurturing of the child is done by having them participate in parenting tip sessions and viewing online classroom updates regularly. Regular Parent Teacher Meetings must be encouraged to make parents participate fully in the school activities.

Parenting Tip Sessions

After studying the best schools across India and especially the International schools, we realize that Parents play a pivotal role in the success of any school. The challenge for us is immense since our intake is diverse from elite to middle class as well as sponsored children. Thus started the Red Camel Parenting Tip meets.

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Parenting Tip is divided into sections that completes the parent’s interaction at the school. It encourages parents to take up and discuss issues that can bring a great home atmosphere from reading at home, healthy breakfast and how to channelize the kids from Internet. Parents specially mothers are made to play and emulate the pedagogy of the school for Languages, STEM, Social Sciences periodically.

And yes, Fathers are also invited to attend the same.

Classroom Updates

Classroom updates is the online weekly updates for the parents which covers core subjects and events at school. We publish a high level overview of the weekly academic themes covered by grades. The Red Camel International School prides itself on its academic rigor, flexibility and student centric approach. We develop skills in creative thinking, learn and solve problem.

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Classroom update is designed to avail about:
– Happenings inside the classroom
– Image/Videos and Explanations of the activities in the class
– Theme-wise Updates

Classroom updates are from Nursery to highest grades. At Red Camel, every step towards excellence is celebrated which can be viewed under Events section.