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What we teach

The Choice of Board

Red Camel International School follows the student-centered IGCSE recommended curriculum. IGCSE offers a wider range of subjects and encourages high academic standards through a practical approach to teaching and learning. Assessment is not limited to conventional written papers and they consist of a variety of tests e.g. oral and listening tests.The International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) is a globally recognized qualification, taken at the Class 10 level, similar to the Class 10 examinations of the CBSE and ICSE or the middle years Programme of the IB.

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IGCSE is a balanced curriculum and a flexible course of study.

Most subjects offer a choice between core curriculum and extended curriculum.
This gives students of all ability levels the freedom to choose subjects that are right for them and, thereby, the opportunity to score good grades.

What are the subjects in the IGCSE curriculum?

There are five Subject Groups in IGCSE with several subjects to choose from, in each group:

  • Group 1: Languages (First Language, Second Language, Foreign Language, etc)

  • Group 2: Humanities and Social Sciences (Geography, English Literature, History, etc)

  • Group 3: Sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, etc)

  • Group 4: Mathematics (Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, etc)

  • Group 5: Creative, Technical & Vocational (Accounting, Business Studies, Computer Studies, etc)

Subjects at the school

Academic Program

Languages – Among the role models that Red Camel searches is the handsome companion Zaid bin Haritha. Zaid was a linUguist who learnt as many as a dozen languages.

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We aim to create linguist learners

Science – Remember the 4 C rule

Maths – When it comes to numbers, you can ‘count’ on us

Sports & Events

The 3 sports becomes the core of sports subjects at the school.

Archery – leads to better balance and concentration.

Swimming – a perfect sport for body, heart and mind. Develops strength and stamina.

Horse Riding – a perfect sport for body, heart and mind. Develops agility and balance.

Awards & Milestones

Nobel Minds – a special feature that gives points to top performing student every month.

The disciplines include Literature / Mathematics (call it Economics!) / Peace / Science

Classrooms – Your voyage around the globe

Each classroom at the Red Camel International School is crafted with a learning pedigree that is unique as well as an experience in itself. The Classrooms are at times named after a historic city that reminds the students and the teachers of the greatness yet to ACHIEVE.

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